A list of things that depression sometimes makes me feel

Some Physical Things:

Lethargic. Aching. Unbalanced. Clumsy. Uncoordinated. Shattered. Blurred vision. Wiped out. Clammy hands. Dry mouth. Sick in the morning. Poor hearing. Butterflies in stomach. Difficulty swallowing. Breathlessness. Stomach turning over. Needing to retch. Acid reflux. Light-headed. Loose Bowels. Dizzy. Heart palpitations. Heavy. Unable to move. Tingling in hands and feet. Shortness of breath. Panic attack. Clammy hands. Cold sweats. Aching skin. Stiff muscles. Goosebumps on flesh. Exhausted.

Some Psychological Things:

Dislocated. Alienated. Paranoid. Hopeless. Melancholic. Hysterical. Impassive. Cold. Numb. Outcast. Withdrawn. Meaningless. Self- Destructive. Isolated. Desolate. Disengaged. Angry. Sardonic. Scared. Empty. Calcified. Rootless. Raging. Impotent. Guilty. Worried. Terrified. Foreboding. Annoyed. Uneasy. Emotionless. Empty. Adrift. Indifferent. Passionate. Emotional. Sensitive. Negative. Resigned. Fatalistic. Hopeful. Worthless. Brave. Surreal. Doomed. Exhausted.

And that’s just before breakfast. It’s no picnic.


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